Funeral Home Sunderland

Help is at hand if you’ve been looking for a funeral home in Sunderland. At Tony Clarke Funeral Directors, we have dedicated private chapels of rest where loved ones can be visited. Whilst not everyone wishes to see their friend or family member after they have passed, many people do choose to do as it can help with the acceptance of death. We do recommend that you visit your loved one with another person, even if they are waiting in reception whilst you pay your respects. We can also assist you if you wish to rest someone in the privacy of your home prior to the funeral.


Dignity and Respect


We can look after all aspects of the funeral, and can also help if you wish to pre-plan your own funeral to ensure your specific wishes are met. We have organising funerals for many years, and you can contact us at any point if you do have any queries about how we can help. You can count on us to do all we can to create a special ceremony that meets all requirements. Why not take a look around the website today to find out more about the various services we provide, including providing a funeral home in Sunderland?


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