Funeral Cars Sunderland

Curating the perfect send-off for your loved one means thinking of the best way to celebrate their life and highlight their impact on the world, no matter how small that patch of the world is. At Tony Clarke Funeral Directors, we can offer a wide range of funeral cars in Sunderland to assure your loved one and close relatives arrive in style.


We can provide cars depending on what their career was based around or what they enjoyed during their life. We have horse-drawn carriages, motorbikes, Land Rovers and Rolls Royce with the capability to take the hearse.


These cars can then be accompanied by other classic cars to house the closest relatives and create a beautiful convoy to take you to the ceremony. Ensuring that your loved one has a fitting tribute for their life is important, and we will discuss with you to find the most appropriate vehicle.


We understand that it is a difficult time for all your family members, but we believe in sorting out the little bits that make up the funeral to keep the worry from your shoulders. We will discuss with you all the aspects that matter to you and those attending to pay their respects.


To find out more about our range of funeral vehicles, get in touch with us.


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